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The company is an enterprise specializing in the production of stainless steel heat exchanger tubes. The company has a pressure pipe component manufacturing license (A1)
License No.: ts2710o08-2022. Certificate No.: 2017 (Engineering) - 043. Complete qualification!

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        Zhejiang Huatian special materials Co., Ltd., located at No. 10, Changxin Road, Nantang Industrial Zone, Dongtou District, Zhejiang Province, is a comprehensive private enterprise specializing in stainless steel R & D, production, processing and sales. Zhejiang Huatian stainless steel manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou Huatian Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. are located at No. 1 Jiangnan Road, Jiangnan Industrial Zone, Songyang, Zhejiang and No. 488 Zhishang Road, Yongqiang high tech park, Wenzhou.

        The company has more than 280 employees, 22 senior managers, 10 engineers and 20 technicians with senior titles. The company not only has a high-quality and high-tech staff team, but also is equipped with complete production lines and advanced testing instruments. From product raw materials to production, each process is strictly tested and effectively controlled, and standardized modern enterprise management is implemented.

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Huatian steel pipe is widely used in petroleum, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, water treatment and other fields

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Coking plant

Thermal power plant

Petroleum, oil refining

The oil industry

Nuclear power industry

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